Testimonials including Stopping smoking in Luton

Very Happy Clients

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. “Our session made my thinking process more efficient, or let’s say,  made me understand myself better. Thanks” (Ms JD. Stockbroker)  

“Having had lifelong medical needle phobia I’ve recently had a blood  test without problems and guess what? I’m now having Acupuncture!” (Mrs  TE Therapist) 

What Clients have told me

. “Flew to Canada with no problems despite diversions involving four take  offs and landings. Have booked Christmas in Australia and I’m getting  excited about the flight already.” (Mrs HW. Housewife)

“Went home and slept all night without waking – the first time for months.”(Mrs KD. Housewife)

“Doing rather well now. Can now confidently deal with difficult clients”.(Mr DC. Film and Media)

"Thank you for your wonderful assistance  to prepare me for major surgery. My Surgeon and GP were amazed at my speed of recovery and healing of the wound area" (Mrs S Retired) 

I Love Feedback Like This!

 “I’ve only had mild cravings since the Stop Smoking treatment. It’s  nice to go shopping on payday and blow my wages on myself.” (Ms LT.  Property Mgt)

“The best thing I ever did was to see you to stop smoking” (John F. Luton)

“Have had all my dental work done. I can now do all this without the old panic symptoms – Hooray!” (Ms LE.)

After no flying for 17 years,

 I had a great time in New York and I was absolutely fine with the flight thanks to you
I feel I can travel anywhere now you have opened up the world to me. Have already booked flights for our summer holiday.     Mr C. (Hair Stylist) 

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